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BMW B57D30 upgrade turbocharger

BMW B57D30 upgrade turbocharger


* Price is shown without VAT and shipping costs.


Bolt-on upgrade turbocharger solution for BMW B57D30 engine power gain, designed to work with stock exhaust manifold and other engine units. Specifications and compatibility list written below. 

  • Specifications

    ATTENTION! Import taxes may apply when buying from outside EU. Tax rates are calculated and collected by buyers local customs. VAT (Value Added Tax - 21%) is applied only for buyers from EU. For full information about import taxes in your country please visit your local customs website.


    Turbosystems upgrade turbocharger for BMW B57D30 features:

    • dual ceramic ball bearing;
    • CNC machined compressor housing
    • Special Compressor Housing without plastic silencer
    • CNC machined turbine housing
    • Custom variable geometry nozzle
    • reinforced bigger machined from the solid compressor wheel - 54/73mm;
    • bigger turbine wheel - 58/54mm;
    • Custom turbine housing;
    • Flow bench adjusted;
    • Balanced on VSR;

    Power range: 420+HP;


    Compatibility list

    Model Year Engine code Power (KW / HP)
    BMW 730d, 730 Ld (G11)  from 2015 B57D30O0 195 / 261
    BMW 530d (G30) from 2017 B57D30O0 195 / 261
    BMW 630d Gran Turismo (G32) from 2017 B57D30O0 195 / 261
    BMW X3 xDrive 30d (G01) from 2017 B57D30O0 195 / 261
    BMW X4 xDrive 30d (G02) from 2018 B57D30O0 195 / 261
    BMW X5 xDrive 30d (G05) from 2018 B57D30O0 195 / 261
    BMW X7 xDrive 30d (G07) from 2018 B57D30O0 195 / 261
    BMW 330d (G20) from 2019 B57D30O0 195 / 261
    BMW X6 xDrive 30d (G06) from 2019 B57D30O0 195 / 261


    When installing a new turbocharger we recommend to read our Installation guide.

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