HTD3054B2 universal diesel turbocharger

HTD3054B2 universal diesel turbocharger

SKU: HTD3054B2

Power range: 400+ HP

Created using our BMW diesel upgrade turbocharger base. It has the most common V-band exhaust and manifold connections, billet compressor wheel, durable ceramic ball bearing core and vacuum control actuator for universal adaptation and efficient power gain. 


Compressor side: 

  • Compressor wheel: 7+7 blades custom reinforced billet;
    • Inducer: 54mm;
    • Exducer: 73mm;
  • Air intake inlet: 76mm;
  • Air outlet: 90° 51mm;



  • custom dual ceramic ball bearing;
  • newest generation variable geometry;


Turbine side: 

  • Turbine housing based on BMW F10 3.0d turbocharger model;
  • Turbine wheel: 9 blades;
    • Inducer: 58mm;
    • Exducer: 54mm;
  • Flange: BMW manifold V-band;
  • Exhaust connection:  V-band;