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About compressor wheels

Compressor wheel is an essential part of the turbocharger characterizing airflow and turbo efficiency. Its structure and design have come a long way since the first forced induction engines saw the light of day. In the past turbochargers’ manufacturers used only cast impellers, as they were fairly cheap to fabricate and met raised requirements. Billet or "Machined from the solid (MFS)" impellers came into the production when market started demanding lower quantities and non-standard designs. The machining process allows to fabricate smaller volumes without additional production costs. Although billet compressor wheels do not have big performance advantages when used in standard applications, cast impellers are likely to show signs of fatigue after less duty cycles, especially when used in higher RPM and pressure turbochargers.



compressor wheel


compressor wheel




"Flatback" is initial compressor wheel design which later evolved due to poor response to stress , but is still fitted in some low boost turbochargers.



"Superback" is updated design with extra material added to the back (exducer) of the compressor wheel which meant improved response to stress, managing greater RPMs and higher pressures.

Deep superback


"Deep superback" is continuously improved strength of compressor wheel with more solid structure keeping stress from the hub.

Extended tip


Adding extended tip provides faster and more efficient boost response instead of adding more mass with larger exducer diameter and loosing spool speed.



D - Total height

E - Tip height

F - Shaft diameter

A - Inducer

B - Exducer

C - Blade height

While there are a lot of compressor wheel dimensions which are required when constructing impeller there are six main dimensions which are the most important when choosing the right one for your turbocharger. Standard compressor wheels have part numbers, you can always search find right impeller by entering it's number or turbocharger to which it belongs, but for hybrid turbochargers these dimensions are essential when picking your performance impeller.


We fabricate over 300 standard replacement compressor wheel positions, most of which are always in stock in large quantities as well as many different design upgrade compressor wheels for various shaft to fit your hybrid performance turbochargers. Most of our production can be bought at our e-shop. For larger quantities please contact us via phone or email. Special design impellers according to your needs can discussed individually, you can send us your demands via email

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