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About TurboSystems

TurboSystems, UAB

Having started its business in 1995, „TurboSystems“ team has become a trustworthy company working on the restoration and production of turbochargers in Lithuania.

Over time, the founders of the business began to explore new opportunities to help customers improve their cars, resulting in TurboSystems hybrids, custom mfs compressor wheels and motorsport turbochargers.

TurboSystems turbochargers are used in daily cars, as well as in drift, time-attack or hill climbing racecars. Today we are trusted by some of Europe's best drifters, such as Andrius Vasiliauskas and Adam Zalewski.

TurboSystems goal is to offer our customers a durable alternative to the turbochargers of other manufacturers at an affordable price, provide all the necessary support and improve the engine upgrade technology.

Custom Turbocharger solutions for racing application

“Turbosystems” offers custom made turbochargers for your racing car. What ever it is: street legal everyday car or powerful drift, drag racing car. We are happy to offer you a solution of the turbo for power increase of your engine.

Standard turbocharger upgrades

“Turbosystems” has a lot of experience how to upgrade standard OEM turbochargers without changing it is external dimension. If you have your stock car and would like to upgrade it we are happy to hear your enquiry.

K24 upgrades, K26 upgrades, K03 upgrades and many more. As well upgrades of diesel engine applications GTB series and others.

HTX racing turbochargers

If you are building racing car and you need racing turbocharger:

“Holset” based turbochargers build by “Turbosystems”.  “Turbosystems“ use HX32-HX40 family turbochargers. All these turbochargers have special design Machined From the Solid compressor wheels. At the moment “Turbosystems” offers line of 7 different sizes turbochargers. If you have special enquiry we can build Turbocharger you wish.

Machined from the solid Compressor wheels

“Turbosystems” offers compressor wheel manufacturing from the solid services for all application.

Our manufactured compressor wheels range is from 30 mm to 200 mm.

We have wide range manufactured compressor wheels for your needs in stock, custom manufacture compressor of wheels according your specification

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