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BMW B58C (for G-series) upgrade turbocharger

BMW B58C (for G-series) upgrade turbocharger

PriceFrom €1,750.00

* Price is shown without VAT and shipping costs.


Bolt-on hybrid turbocharger for BMW G-series with B58C engines.

  • Specifications

    ATTENTION! Import taxes may apply when buying from outside EU. Tax rates are calculated and collected by buyers local customs. VAT (Value Added Tax - 21%) is applied only for buyers from EU. For full information about import taxes in your country please visit your local customs website.


    Turbosystems upgrade turbocharger for BMW B58C features: 

    • reinforced thrust bearings;
    • enlarged machined from the solid compressor wheel;
    • enlarged turbine wheel;
    • machined enlarged housing;
    • new shaft;
    • balanced on VSR;

    Power range: 

    • Stage 1 - 550+ HP;
    • Stage 2 - 600+ HP;


    INSTALLATION NOTE: stage 2 version requires an aftermarket intake pipe, which can be added as an option with this turbocharger. 


    Part numbers: 

    • 18559700041 / 793486 / 1165867902102 / 18559700024 / 18559880024 / 18559880041 / 18559700093


    Compatible with BMW G-series models equipped with  B58C engine turbochargers:

    • BMW G30 540i
    • BMW G30 540i / 545eX LCI
    • BMW G31 540iX
    • BMW G31 540iX LCI
    • BMW 630iX Gran Turismo G32 GT
    • BMW 640iX Gran Turismo G32 GT
    • BMW 630i Gran Turismo G32 GT
    • BMW 630iX Gran Turismo G32 GT LCI
    • BMW 640iX Gran Turismo G32 GT LCI
    • BMW 640i Gran Turismo G32 GT LCI
    • BMW 740i G11 LCI
    • BMW 740i G12 LCI
    • BMW 740Li G12 LCI
    • BMW 745eX G12 LCI
    • BMW 740iX G12 LCI
    • BMW 740LiX G12 LCI
    • BMW 740Le G12 LCI 
    • BMW 840i Grand Coupe G16
    • BMW X5 40i SAV G05
    • BMW X5 40eX SAV G05
    • BMW X5 40iX SAV G05
    • BMW X6 40i SAC G06
    • BMW X6 40iX SAC G06
    • BMW X7 40iX SAV G07




    Important! Exchange basis.

    When ordering this turbocharger with an option "With exhange" you are required to deliver your original turbocharger to our headquarters before "Turbosystems" sends you an upgraded version. Full information about our upgrade turbochargers exchange basis HERE.


    When installing new turbocharger we recommend to read our Installation guide.

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