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Holset HE221W turbocharger

Holset HE221W turbocharger

PriceFrom €424.15

* Price is shown without VAT and shipping costs.


Original genuine Holset turbocharger. Perfect solution for budget project with 7cm2 turbine, which provides quick spool and internal wastegate for making turbocharging your engine easier. 


Power range: 350+ HP

  • Specifications

    • Internal wastegate;
    • Compressor wheel: 6+6 split blade;
    • Inducer: 43.5mm;
    • Exducer:61mm;
    • Turbine wheel: 11 blades;
    • Inducer: 52mm;
    • Exducer: 45.7mm;
    • Turbine housing: 7cm2 T25;
    • Oil inlet: M10x1.25mm;
    • Laser cut exhaust connection flange (as shown is the last two images) can be added for additional 30€


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