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HTS3057B2 universal turbocharger

HTS3057B2 universal turbocharger

SKU: HTS3057B2
PriceFrom €899.00

* Price is shown without VAT and shipping costs.

  • Specifications

    HTS version created for lower boosts and quicker spool. Recommended boost up to 1.5 - 1.7bar. High performance turbocharger designed for heavy loads and high temperature. Dual ceramic ball bearing and machined from solid aluminium compressor wheel makes it durable and efficient solution for motorsport use.

    • Power range: 300-450 HP;


    Compressor side:

    • Compressor wheel: in-house made, reinforced 57/71 mm 6+6 blades machined from the solid aluminium;
    • Intake: 63mm (2,5");
    • Air outlet: 51mm (2");



    • Bearings: dual ceramic ball bearings;
    • Cooling: water cooling with 2 x M14x1.5 ports;
    • Lubrication: AN4 oil inlet with integrated oil restrictor;


    Turbine side:

    • Housing: single scroll, 10cm2 AR: 0.73;
    • Turbine wheel: custom design 60/55mm 9 blades;
    • Flange: T3 single scroll;
    • Exhaust connection: 3" V-band clamp;


    Not sure which turbocharger to choose? Check out our HTX turbos specs page for quick comparison. 


    More information about optional extras:

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