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Universal Internal Wastegate actuator

Universal Internal Wastegate actuator


* Price is shown without VAT and shipping costs.


Turbosystems universal internal wastegate actuator helps delivering better response and greater boost sensitivity when managing pressures. Billet actuator with a set of different springs is an upgrade you need to adjust your boost the way you want. 

    • Specifications


      • 1x top air port ant 2x lower air ports;
      • spring pressure available from 0.2 bar (3psi) to 1.8 bar (26psi);
      • stable boost control and increased response;
      • body components are CNC-machined from aluminum alloy
      • quick springe change with locking cap;


      Kit includes:

      • 1 universal internal wastegate actuator set up at 16PSI (1.1bar);
      • 4 additional springs (6 springs total) for maximum 26PSI (1.8bar) setup;
      • 1 spanner wrench for actuator disassemble;
      • 3 additional rods - 2x 175mm, 1x 130mm length;


      WARNING! Spring tension inside the actuator must be loosened before opening cover for springs replacement. Serious injuries may occur otherwise. We always recommend leaving tuning operations for experts.


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