High performance turbochargers for your custom projects. Dual ceramic ball bearing cartridges, billet compressor wheels, universal use. Now for diesel and petrol engines!

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Standard turbocharger upgrades

We have a lot of experience in upgrading standard turbochargers without changing its external dimensions. KKK, Holset HX, Garrett GT and other series turbochargers upgrades for petrol and diesel engines. If you have your stock car and would like to upgrade it we are happy to hear your inquiry.

HTX racing turbochargers

Universal turbochargers for your race car. Whatever it is a street legal everyday car or powerful drift, drag racing car, we are happy to offer you a durable and efficient solution for motorsport use. All these turbochargers have special design billet compressor wheels and dual ceramic ball bearings ready for heavy loads and high temperature action.

Billet (MFS) Compressor wheels

“Turbosystems” offers billet compressor wheel (or MFS wheel) manufacturing services for all application. Our manufactured compressor wheels range is from 30mm to 200mm.

Broad variety of different compressor wheels for standard turbochargers as well as for producing hybrids. Custom impellers can be fabricated on demand.

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